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So you have an Olympic Swimmer’s body

I feel you! In a society where women are conventionally expected to look soft and fragile, waiting for the men to gallantly step up and help us lift heavy objects, the reality for women with this body type is for men (or flight attendants) to take one look and decide “Nah, she can handle this […]

The Pear/Cello Shaped Figure

So you’ve read the previous article on discovering your body shape and figured out you are the classic pear/cello shape. Here are some ideas on how to flatter your figure. The good news is, if you are this shape, you are likely to have a defined waist. Always remember, a defined waist is an asset […]

What’s your body shape?

Identifying your shape Plus-size choices have multiplied in the past 20 years.  It took a while (you can read about my woes as a teenager), but finally we can (if we bite the bullet and pay for international shipping) actually dress to suit our personality-of-the-day, be it sexy, goth, sweet, glamourous or kick-ass career woman. […]