OMG! We’re TWO!

So suddenly it occurred to us that we have turned TWO, and what a whirlwind it has been!

Sorry we have been remiss in our blog postings. There are two main reasons, the first being we have been busy with our product development (this topic really deserves a post of its own) and running roadshows where we have been meeting our customers in the flesh. The second reason is that in our interaction with our customers, we have realized we have been presumptuous to think plus size girls need advice on how to dress. Maybe OUR customers are extremely savvy, but we have found that they have lots of experience buying and wearing clothes, and they know what works for them and what doesn’t. So we felt a little weird to write posts that purport to dispense wisdom which most of our customers already possess.

Anyway a friend of the business chided us, and said not every post needs to be “educational”, so here goes. Two years have gone by in the flash, and what have we learnt and how has the business changed?

The Rise of Casualwear in the Workplace

When we started out, we were laser-focused on making workwear for petite plus-size women. Somewhere deep in our hearts we really wanted to be able to let our target customers dress to impress, to intimidate and to scale the corporate ladder. Perhaps this was a natural reaction after being bombarded with fluffy cutesy-pie plus-size outfits with cartoons that dominated the market at the time. So we wanted to come up with clothes that can let women express their ambition and intellect, rather than to say “I’m so soft, sweet and harmless. Look at my big doe eyes, I’m CUTE. Please love me”.

But then guess what? The default billionaire uniform is now a hoodie, t-shirt and jeans, and led by the tech-sector, other sectors have relaxed their workplace dress codes. We have had our customers working in well-known MNCs tell us they can wear whatever they want to work, and our ex-employers have gone five-day-casual.

So now our customers don’t have to dress to show they mean business (but you know, we are old school, we still think everyone needs a Don’t Mess with Me dress in their wardrobe for important meetings) and want clothes that can let them express their personalities. This is the direction we have started to take since last July, and this has served us pretty well.

Media Mentions

Once we began to produce less serious-looking outfits, we started to get more media attention as well. Every media mention was a big cause for celebration for us, especially those that really came by surprise!

The Smart Local

” The Amber Loft was created for petite women on the fuller side since plus-size clothing from popular foreign brands tends to be too large for the Asian frame. All pieces are designed in-house and made to flatter your body. ” 

The Honey Combers

” Are you in that awkward “in between” size where you’re sitting on the edge of a UK 14 but also not curvy enough to be called plus size? We feel you – and so does, Sophia Hung, founder of local label Amber Loft. As a plus-size and petite figure herself, her interest to launch the label came about when she saw the gap in plus-size fashion for small-framed Asian women. Putting her fashion diploma to good use, she has since created a collection of stylish threads for work and play. We’re talking asymmetric colour block dresses to brunch-with-the-girlfriends chic toga dresses. “

Her World

The Singapore Women’s Weekly


Actually it has been really good to write this post, to take stock of what has happened in the last two years and to give us clarity on the way forward. As usual, we would love to hear from you, about what you want to wear and even just your views on the plus-size clothing industry.

We promise the next post wouldn’t take a year to write. Till then, bye!

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