So you have an Olympic Swimmer’s body

I feel you! In a society where women are conventionally expected to look soft and fragile, waiting for the men to gallantly step up and help us lift heavy objects, the reality for women with this body type is for men (or flight attendants) to take one look and decide “Nah, she can handle this by herself!

The upside to this body type is that they have comparatively slender hips, and slender hips are an asset.  Women with slender hips walk gracefully, with a light gait. It is almost impossible for them to look dumpy.

To balance the proportions for this body type, you could downplay the broadness of the upper body and bring attention to below the waist. Anything your cello-shaped friend won’t wear because it makes her butt look big”, just go ahead and try I’m talking about the on-trend ruffle skirts and pants, the metallic skirts, the handkerchief hemlines. You can rock white pants, so why don’t you?


·       Plain, dark colours (like our best selling Belle top!)

·       Wide necklines (More skin, less cloth)

·       Large lapels

·       Big collars


·       Bright colours 

·       Metallic or shiny fabrics

·       Colours, patterns  or  prints (like this or this)

·       Ruffles and details

·       Horizontal  patterns

·       Pockets

·       Interesting hemlines (check out our Orchid Print dress)

·       Eye-catching shoes!

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